Why Natural Hair

Hi My Name is Esther Otomi and i’m passionate about natural hair. I am of the belief that the natural Kinky hair we have can be groomed,maintained and styled in unimaginable ways. The call to create a blog that would bring up to date info on how (detailed process) to style your natural hair and save cost while looking classy is now long overdue. Some of you already know me as a photographer, so you should expect not just “a how to ” process but high definition photographs explaining the process.


Here, you will also find photo shots of my clients and events with a description of everything that went in to the making of the shots. As you may have guessed, i love artistic photographs (photos about form, texture,tone etc)  black and white and highly definitive pictures. We will be able to communicate daily or hourly if you choose in case you need a photographer for your events or need help  if you get stuck trying to style your hair.

Oh please bear with me if i also share with you moments and experiences that are totally unrelated to the subject matter. men issues (**wink**)

…Love ya…



Yoo hoo! Hi guys 😁 good to be here again. Big congratulations to my naturalista Dr Chizitere who got hitched last weekend!

Dr. Chizzy contacted me for her wedding hair 3 months earlier which was going to take place in Owerri, Nigeria.
Pre-wedding sneak peek:



Dr Chizzy has an awesomely warm and motherly personality.


All set for take-off is me an my travel companion.

Fast-foward to the big day. 4am I was up, headed to the Bride’s room, got busy and VOILA!!! 


No extensions added, beautiful mane, thick, healthy tresses!She was excited! I’m glad I could put a smile on your face Dr. Chizzy! 😆



The maid of honor wasn’t left out…






Credits: @chez_imagery (official photographer, instagram)
Kaly Onyebuchi (Facebook)
@drserah (mua, instagram)
Delphi Metals (rings)

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Her name is Uta Eke. Uta has been on my Facebook contact list for a while. She came to my salon towards the end of 2015 to inquire about my bridal packages. I’ve never seen a more time conscious and prompt person almost all my life (no exaggeration). She won’t just be prompt, she makes my clients feel great about their look anytime she meets me working. Oh and there was one time she gave me bread😂.


Her wedding date was moved from March to April because of the Easter. She had sent me hairstyles she would like to have on. On my part, I surfed and surfed till I burnt out my data.

A week to the wedding she brought some accessories and I threaded her hair to achieve a heatless blowout. She was open to using a blow dryer but…I rather not. Healthy hair over all. Her fiancé, friends and relatives were on the edge of fear concerning how the hair would turn out eventually. Although the bridal accessories weren’t enough I had to buy extra.



Fast forward to prep morning. I arrived at 7am to her hotel, loosened the threads and with no particular hairstyle in mind, I let my fingers roam…
She couldn’t contain her smiles when all was done. Make up artist took over…







And here comes the little bride that won’t just sit still😐😐 look at her troublesome eyes! Lol a puff was the only thing I could pull off in the situation.

Thanks for choosing Game of Fros darling.
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Happy Holidays!!!

Hi Guys! First of all Happy Easter celebration. Christ is risen indeed!!! Anyway while my mates were feasting, the salon was so busy i couldn’t feel my legs. Of course everyone wanted to look good for the holidays. He are some of my favorite looks…










And there I was struggling after a lonnnng day to not be the only one left out 😦

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Hi Guys. I’ve been absent for a freaking long time I know!!! Life happens to us all. Mum passed away, school work got doubled up, clients calls pouring in and so on. Miss me?? 😀
Happy New year (yea its March… And my birthday month!) I must say.
Lets get to business.

Okay so I have been swooning over the Crochet Mambo Twists!



Not just because they look so chic. They’re such a sight for sore eyes! I’ve never had them installed before but I have seen someone having them on.
They come pre-twisted. They’re very light and have this juicy sheen. What I love most is the fact that they come in a variety of colours. These beauties are reusable and you can unravel them to have a twistout.



(Sorry my fellow cheapskates…your joy will soon be outlived).

The downside is that these juicy extensions are pricey 😦


A pack has 12 strands of twists. Going by the naira equivalent, we are looking at
N24,000 for 6 packs. And workmanship? You do the math.

Before you get your eyes soiled with tears, there’s good news. I found the closest thing to this.


A pack goes for about N800 – N1000 depending on your location. And guess how many you need for a full head… 2!!!!!!!!! A pack contains 24 strands of twists, they are lightweight, and gorgeous.



They lack that sheen which makes it look less synthetic. They can equally be unravelled and reusable. My greatest joy the fact that it is made in NIGERIA!

The downside for now is that it doesn’t come in so many colors. I would like to think it is because it is new in the market and subsequently with increase in demand, this problem will be tackled.

So for my Naturals on a budget,  let not your heart be troubled 😀 I myself wasted no time in getting me so of these!!!



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Its been…I dunno…a while I colored. And  nothing gets me sooo hyped than shopping for hair color.
The last time I went purple and after a few weeks it faded off and turned a sorta… Dusty red? *scoffs* Whatever it is. I think I’m just stuck on red so I intend to keep at it. Probably if I have to change, its gon be temporary.
Anywayyy, I don’t intend to blab so much. Here goes…


Dyes: Creme of Nature Copper red and Silver Rise Wine Red. Both, I mixed together and applied.

Duration: 1hr.

I did a quick length check before applying and …


…it was heartwarming.  At 2.5 years, I can’t complain!

And the final results?



I followed immediately with a protein treatment and conrowed. 2 days later, I  loosened it to get this bomb braid out.

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Let if Fro Natural Hair Expo!


Hi Guys!!! I can’t express how honoured, loved and appreciated I feel. Coming to Lagos for this event was fulfilling to say the least. Social media has indeed made the world a very small place, bringing people who share same ideas and thoughts together. Let It Fro was an event put together by the amin team of Natural Hair Babes, a Facebook group with over 148,000 members founded by the illustrious visionary, Louisa Ekwy Igweze Micheal.


I was touched when a member walked up to me and said “…you’re so creative and the beauty about it is that you use it to touch the lives of people…”. I was speechless. It amazing how a little deed could go a long way.

Seeing some of the admins was super exciting!!! Racheal and her bump harrased my life! Telling me how short and dark I was…She just wouldn’t let me be great. Edo people. That’s how they are *rolls eyes*.


It was awesome to see you Davies, Winnie, Eno, beautiful African women with natural hair, proudly flaunting it.



Rc. Davies allowed me smuggle out two huge chunks of chocolate cake. Why would I stop loving you?




Tressed to impress!


The delicious Kemi Lewis of KLS Naturals (proud sponsor of the event).


Admin Eno.


















Small chops!!


Let’s dance!!

Special thank you to Mrs Louisa for the gift …


An awesome thank you to Mara Cruiz Organics for these products! I can’t wait to try them!!!


Roli Organic Essentials you are a darling. Thanks for the shampoo bar…


More grace to the NHB Admin, and for every African Woman making a decent living out there!!!

…Remain Estinated…



**moonwalks** *shakes butt** **head stand** I’m excited!!! Game of ‘Fros is just ten days old and we getting good reports from clients already.

This came from the beautiful EbonyLife TV screen diva, Arit Okpo…


And this from Christie… Christie actually came in to get inverted cornrows but her hair was short and she was suffering major heat damage. She fell in love with Bantu knots and since she was visiting Calabar, she wanted to look ‘Calabarian’…


We’re glad you loved you hair!
We’ve been putting smiles on clients’ faces and it will remain that way!



Bookings: 07034407088, 08070800244
Add: 70/80 Uwanse by Mount Zion (beside Laurel College), Calabar.
Follow us : @game_of_ fros.

Let The Games Begin…

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Game of ‘Fros

Hi guysssss!!! I apologise for being away for so loooonnng! I have been working on my salon and I am more than proud to say Game of ‘Fros Natural Hair Hub is officially open for business. I know most of my Lagos and Abuja beauties will be heartbroken because I opened in Calabar. Forgive me beauties 😦


I want to say a big thank you to God Almighty for making this possible. And to mum and dad, and every person who made an input in this venture physically, financially, with prayers and kind words, thank you all!

IMG_3854 IMG_3856


Dread heads are welcome too!!!

Oh and my home gurl Naomi came around to treat me to a face beat 😀

IMG_3860  IMG_3918

IMG_3885 IMG_3890




IMG_3960 IMG_3962


Pay us a visit at the Hub!

70/80 Uwanse by Mount Zion (beside Laurel College), Calabar.

Ps: Call in to book an appointment before visiting to enable us serve you better…

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1. Wash and Go / Shingling:

wash n go

(Ideal on damp or wet hair)

Items Needed: Comb and hair product (gel, leave-in conditioner, activator, etc.)

Step 1: After deep conditioning or Co-washing,  rinse with cool water.

Step 2: Apply your styling product(s) to wet hair in sections, raking it in so that no strands are left uncovered.

Step 3: SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE! Gently shake your head (like you’re saying “NO”). Cover you face with a towel while at it. Shaking helps to separate the coils and to remove excess water.

Step 4: Allow to air-dry. Hand-in-hair syndrome is not allowed! Touching or messing with your hair when wet will result to frizzing and matting.

2. Braid-Out:

braid out

(Can be done on both wet and dry hair)

Items Needed: Leave-in Conditioner, Comb and/or Denman brush, Sealing Oil of choice and Styling Gel (optional).

Step 1: Detangle hair throroughly.

Step 2: Separate into sections.

Step 3: Apply products on each sections and braid (avoid ‘borrowing’ strands when braiding to avoid frizz during unraveling).

Step 4: Allow to properly air-dry.

Step 5: Unravel when properly dry with oiled fingers (a light oil like coconut oil is ideal).

Step 6: Gently pick the roots with an afro pick to add volume to your curls.

3. 2/3 Strand Twist-Out:


(Can be done on both wet and dry hair)

Items Needed: Leave-in Conditioner, Comb and/or Denman brush, Sealing Oil of choice and Styling Gel (optional). This process is basically same with the braid-out.

Step 1: Detangle hair throroughly.

Step 2: Separate into sections.

Step 3: Apply products on each sections and twist (avoid ‘borrowing’ strands when twisting to avoid frizz during unraveling).

Step 4: Allow to properly air-dry.

Step 5: Unravel twists when properly dry with oiled fingers (a light oil like coconut oil is ideal).

Step 6: Gently pick the roots with an afro pick to add volume to your curls.

4. Perm Rod Set:

perm rod

(Can be done on both wet and dry hair)

Items Needed: Perm rods, Comb, Denmans brush, Setting Lotion or Styling Mousse, Oil of choice.

Step 1: Section hair (Can be done on both dry and damp hair).

Step 2: Apply products on each section.

Step 3: Wrap the section around the perm rod. (Repeat steps 1 to 3 until the entire head is covered).

Step 4: Allow to air-dry. You can also opt dry hair under a hooded drier.

Step 5: Unwrap hair from the rods carefully with oiled fingers.

Step 6: Pick roots with an afro pick and separate curls to achieve more volume.

5. Bantu Knot-Out:


(Can be done on both wet and dry hair)

Items Needed: Leave in conditioner, Oil of choice, Bobby Pins, Curling Butter or Gel with light hold.

Step 1: Start out with well moisturized and detangled hair.

Step 2: Section hair according to how you want the final look to be (for a wavy look and slightly stretched look, do about 2-4 knots. For large curls, go for 6-8 knots. For tight springy curls, 10 knot and above would be ideal).

Step 3: Apply products and knot. Hold in place with bobby pins if necessary.

Step 4: Allow to air-dry or use a hooded drier.

Step 5: Unravel knots.

Step 6: Separate curls and fluff.

6. Flexi-Rod Set:


(Can be done on both wet and dry hair)

Items Needed: Leave-in Conditioner, Comb and/or Denman brush, Sealing Oil of choice, Mousse and Styling Gel with light hold (optional).

Step 1: Detangle hair throroughly.

Step 2: Separate into sections.

Step 3: Apply products on each section and wrap with the flexi rod.

Step 4: Allow to air-dry.

Step 5: Unravel when properly dry with oiled fingers.

Step 6: Gently separate curls and pick the roots with an afro pick to add volume to your curls.

7. Finger and Comb Coiling:

finger                comb

(Ideal on damp hair)

Items Needed: Leave-in Conditioner, Comb (Rat-tailed), Denman brush, Sealing Oil of choice and Styling Gel (light hold), Spritz bottle, and your fingers of course.

Step 1: Detangle hair throroughly.

Step 2: Separate into tiny sections.

Step 3: Apply products and begin to twirl around your index finger/comb starting from the roots to the ends. Spray with water if the hair begins to dry out.

Step 4: Allow to air-dry and try not to mess with the hair to avoid frizz.

Step 5: When dry, you can separate coils or let it be.

Step 6: Gently pick the roots with an afro pick to add volume to your curls.

8. Flat Twist-out:

flat twist out

(Can be done on both wet and dry hair)

Items Needed: Leave-in Conditioner, Comb and/or Denman brush, Sealing Oil of choice and Styling Gel (optional). This process is basically same with the braid-out and twist out.

Step 1: Detangle hair throroughly.

Step 2: Separate into sections.

Step 3: Apply products on each sections and begin to flat twist. Flat twist in the direction you want the hair to lie.

Step 4: Allow to properly air-dry.

Step 5: Unravel twists when properly dry with oiled fingers.

Step 6: Gently pick the roots with an afro pick to add volume to your curls.

9. Straw Set:

straw                                straw c

(Ideal on wet or damp hair)

Items Needed: Leave-in Conditioner, Comb and/or Denman brush, Setting lotion, bobby pins and drinking straws.

Step 1: Detangle hair throroughly.

Step 2: Separate into tiny sections.

Step 3: Apply products on each and wrap around the straws (horizontally for best results) securing them with bobby pins.

Step 4: Sit under a hooded dryer on low heat.

Step 5: Take out the straws.

Step 6: Gently fluff.

chocolatehairvanillacare.com, blackhairinformation.comblackgirllonghair.com, pinterest.com, keepitkinky.net


Sorry guys. I know I said I was going to make a post on the strand test. Technical difficulties arose. Apologies.

I was short on the Cruset Dye. The content was too small to cover my entire head so I mixed it with the Dark and Lovely hair color. From the strand test, the Cruset had a lighter hue compared to the Dark and Lovely. Mixing both together gave me an Aubergine shade and I lavvv it!

1. Get your dyes ready…


2. It is VERY important to use plastic tools when working with hair dyes (NO METALS!)…

IMG_1130 3. Section your hair…


4. Slap on your latex or plastic gloves…


5. Mix contents of the dyes in the plastic container and stir till it is consistent…


6. Apply contents hair section by hair section. When hair is completely saturated, cover with a plastic cap…


7. Rinse out with cold water after 45 minutes… (Did a quick length check 😀 2years natural)


Finally I Deep Conditioned, braided my hair up and allowed to air-dry… Voila!!!


…Remain Estinated…


YASSSSSSS! I finally got my hand on PURPLE hair dye! I tired of being a red head. Don’t get it twisted. I love red. I’ve been on the red palette since my perm days up till now.


So, I was at the supermarket when I locked gaze with this …


crazy color

Crazy Color (Aubergine) is actually a Semi Permanent hair dye. Though I wanted permanent but I couldn’t afford to take chances. Just couldn’t. Price tag is N850.

Moving on to another supermarket I came across this…


pup hair

And then I knew…the stars have aligned 😀 . I’m not a fan of brands so disregard the name. I remember using this way back but red of course. I got this for N250

And then I went to the supermarket where I buy my conditioner from and…


auber hair

*Rihanna’s Voice* OH Mama Mama Mama…  PLUM! I’m used to seeing the red and brown colors but plum??? And then i said to myself, “do not go into anymore supermarkets.HOME! Going broke isn’t on the list today”. This is actually looking like reddish tone. If it turns out so I’m gonna keep it in my shelf till whenever I’m ready for it. Got it for N650. I can’t wait to do strand tests for all of them.

I’m waiting for my orders to arrive (Eco Styler Krystal Gel and Swanson’s Biotin) before coloring. I intend to do wash and gos for a while and the gel is needed ASAP. And oh!… I got my condish. This baby smells like khofuygecspaosugvnejhsf… I can’t explain it people. I can’t, but you could eat a roach if it smelt like this condish…


Price tag is N500.

I will give y’all updates from the strand tests.

…Remain Estinated…

Credits: amazon.co.uk, blogs.bmj.commadellinas.wordpress.com, Pinterest.com.



Why hellooo there!!!  I’m overly excited about my new protective style. It is the BOB BOX BRAIDS. I remember when mum used to get me this hairstyle done wayyy back during Christmas seasons. Here in Nigeria it was commonly called “shabba”. My inspiration came from @naturally_candace. There she is…



At first I was scared because I have a heart-shaped face but I gave it a try all the same. I went DIY on it to be safe. I have been styling my hair for the past 3 years myself mostly because majority of stylist don’t just listen! I have a right to be picky about my hair because i am paying you. It is MY money for crying out loud, talk-less of pulling and tugging my hair like weed. Hell nah!

So, i got two packs of X-Pression braiding hair…



Cut them in to four parts (your choice)…



Now, you should section off the bottom part of your hair because of the length of your hair. You don’t want to cut it because you’re trying to achieve a Bob. TWAs don’t require much work…

IMG_0442 IMG_0447









Start braiding and burn the tips. The length of the braids covers the sectioned off part behind…



When you’re done on top, come back down and conrow your hair in a crochet pattern. I opted for this pattern and not the zig-zag pattern because…you know…my hands are not flexi-rods 😀 Some people may leave it like that but I’d rather not…



Next I crocheted the extensions in and braided…


WHOOP WHOOP!!! Don’t be a bore. Spice up your braids with some hair jewellery…

IMG_0477 IMG_0471


The BOB shape comes naturally. It doesn’t have to be thonged. There are a few tricks in making Bob braids.

First the braids should be tightly knitted together not loosely. The starting size of the braid should be the same as the ending size, not thin! Lastly, NEVER dip braids in hot water otherwise your BOB will become…bobLESS.



Maybe next time I’ll do bigger braids. For now, I’ll be basking in the 90’s!



…Remain Estinated…

Experiencing The World of Essential and Carrier Oils (Pt. 3).

Hi guys! This is the third and final part of the ‘oil experience’ and I am going to go straight to the point.

Spa scene with natural cosmetics

What To Look Out For When Buying Essential Oils

1. You should check if the name of the country which the plant was cultivated is written on it.

2. Look out for “100%” purity in the ingredient section. If it is not indicated, the reverse may be the case.

3. Does it smell as expected? Does Lemon essential oil smell like Rosemary? Yea you get it.

4. Be sure to check if it has information about being “organic” or “wildcrafted”.

5. Most essential oils are expensive. If it is unbelievably cheap, drop it!

6. The Latin name of the plant should be provided.

7. Distillation and expiry dates must be provided.


What To Look Out For When Buying Carrier Oils

1. Carrier Oils that have “cold-pressed” written on them have all or most of its ingredients retained.

2. Look out for “refined” and “unrefined” tags before making your choice.

3. Again, it must say “100%”.

4. Carrier oils have a mild, nutty smell. If the smell is strong, its a no no!




…Remain Estinated… 

Credits: essentialoilsfromplants.commidwestchiropracticcenter.comtamanuoilbenefits.net

My Deep Conditioning Process.

Deep Conditioning for me is “hard labour”. Having to deal with shrinkage is torture especially for a type 4 natural like myself. I never used to deep condition regularly probably because I hadn’t found a method that worked for me. There was one time i had a DIY Banana DC and I ended up with millions of particles on my hair that took up to a month to finally get out completely.

Yesterday I thought “why not do a protein + moisture DC at the same time?” So, I pulled out my jar of Vitale Olive Oil Hair Mayonnaise (I love this product! Great smell and its first 5 ingredients are  Water, Olive Oil Hydrolyzed Oat Protein, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, and Glycerin) and my Whipped Shea Butter (containing Shea butter of course…with coconut oil, chamomile oil, rosemary oil, vitamin e oil and a dash of aloe vera gel), mixed them both together in a plate and warmed it up a little (it penetrates easily when it is warm, not HOT!). Mahnn did i get it right for the first time!

1. Prep…




2. I sectioned my hair into parts. I had sham-washed a week earlier so I didn’t wash again, rather i spritzed each section with water to make it damp before applying the mix.


3. Slapped on a plastic cap…


…that is how much hair I lost during detangling *grinnn*


45 minutes later…


4. Rinsed my hair with water only…


Soft, Silky, Shiny!


First, Let me take a selfie… 🙂


…Remain Estinated…


Experiencing The World of Essential And Carrier Oils (Pt. 2)

In the part one of this topic I talked about Essential Oils. Today’s discussion is about Carrier Oils.

Carrier oils carry the essential oil onto the skin or area of application. They are also known as base oil or vegetable oil and are usually derived from seeds or nuts. Carrier oils are best used as extra virgin and unadulterated as possible. Cold pressing and maceration are the two main methods of producing carrier oils. Using heat to derive carrier oils robs the oils of their nutrients. Carrier oils make great moisturizers, strengtheners and are very nourishing for hair care.

Carrier oils are gotten from the fatty portion of a plant, mainly the seeds and nuts. Carrier oils carry  the essential oils to the area of application because when essential oils are used in their pure form, it may cause severe irritation. Carrier oils are used to dilute essential oils. Most of them are odorless while some have a faint sweet smell. A carrier oil with a strong smell has likely gone rancid.

Below are common and effective carrier oils you can incorporate in your hair care regimen:












Vitamin E







Sweet Almond







Hemp Seed




Grape Seed






























Palm Kernel



In the next and final part of this topic, I shall be talking about what to look out for when shopping for hair oils 🙂

…Remain Estinated…

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